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The Bushwalker Newsletters/Magazines

The Bushwalker newsletter/magazine has a proud record since 1937.  The Sydney BushWalkers (the club) published the Sydney Bush Walker in 1934-1936.  

The (Con)Federation carried the name The Bushwalker. The name Bush Walker (two words) became in 1943 (as far as the magazine was concerned) one word.  The club has always been called Sydney Bush Walkers.  This name has gone into the Australian vernacular. This website is done to make it easier to peruse the magazines that have been published over the years.  There are a few missing here and there, if anyone can fill the gaps it would be good.  Any magazines/newsletters will be returned after scanning.  Contact Webmaster

 .The Bushwalker Magazine has been Published on & off since 1937.  It started as an annual in 1937 and except for 1944 (because of the shortage of paper during the war) was published every year up to 1948.

For some unknown reason it was not published again until 1961/65 when three were published Volume  2 No's 1-3.  Then there was another gap till 1975 when "The Newsletter of The Federation of Bushwalking Clubs NSW" was put out as a newsletter of 4-6 pages. There is mentioned in one of "The Newsletters" of a "bulletin" that was put out in the 50's.

Towards the end of 1986 it reverted to the name The Bushwalker till December 1989, and has been published non-stop as The Bushwalker.  Most of the copies are on this website.  If anyone has other copies that are missing I would like to hear from them

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